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3 Most Common Spider Vein Treatment Misconceptions

3 Most Common Spider Vein Treatment Misconceptions

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Jul 2, 2014 9:48:00 AM

 You love the warm weather, but refuse to wear shorts! Golfing is fun, but you need to sweat away in khakis. Maybe you yearn to wear a short dress again? This is the story so often told from spider vein sufferers. Those tiny, thread like veins that often form in clusters and look like bruises or road maps while causing a great deal of embarrassment. Why do so many people with spider veins put off treatment?


Spider Vein Misconception #1: Treatment is Painful.

Sclerotherapy—the injection of medicine into spider veins—has been around for years. In the past, Before13hypertonic saline was the agent of choice. While sounding like a benign endeavor, this water infusion is notorious for causing great pain during injection as well as leg cramps.


Spider Vein Reality:

Treatment is not painful! Sclerotherapy treatment is nothing like yesteryear. Today the needles we use are smaller, the medicines we use are better, and there is no downtime after treatment. There are also other new treatments that are painless and don’t require saline injection.


Spider Vein Misconception #2: Treatment is Expensive.

For some reason there is a belief that only the rich and famous can afford to get spider vein treatment.


Spider Vein Reality:

This does not need to be true. There are a few caveats. It’s difficult to compare prices when shopping for spider vein treatment. While a $100 treatment sounds less expensive than a $300 one, you might be getting what you pay for—or less. The seemingly inexpensive treatment may be far more costly when you find that it is only for one tiny spot! The $300 treatment may not be as expensive when you find out that both legs will be treated at once. Since spider veins are usually an out of pocket expense, you should speak openly with your treatment provider so there are no financial surprises.


Spider Vein Misconception #3: Any Doctor’s Office can provide great results.

It’s very important to understand that spider vein treatment is not a commodity. If your gut tells you not to trust the office you are sitting in, it would be wise to trust your instinct.


Spider Vein Reality:

The best way to find a qualified practitioner is to ask friends, family and your doctor. Your shopping research will most likely lead you in the best direction. If you are consistently hearing one name repeatedly, that’s where you should seek treatment. Make sure physicians in the practice are board certified and specialize only in vein treatment. Don’t settle for dabblers.



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