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Compression Stockings 101

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Mar 15, 2016 12:15:13 PM


If you have varicose veins or non-healing ulcers caused by venous insufficiency,
your doctor will “need” to recommend compression stockings (also known as support hose or compression socks) as the first line of treatment. This obligation is based on insurance carriers requirements that mandate a trial of conservative therapy. It’s not unusual for these companies to necessitate at least 6 weeks of such treatment despite the fact that there is absolutely no science behind this recommendation. In a Guidelines Summary paper from the American College of Phlebology, the following was mentioned regarding the need for compression stockings prior to definitive venous reflux treatment:

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Venous Reflux Exam: What To Expect & Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Mar 9, 2016 4:00:22 PM

A venous reflux exam (a.k.a. duplex venous ultrasound) is a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to evaluate vein function, check for venous reflux (blood flow in the wrong direction) and ensure there are no blood clots, blockages or other vein-related conditions. It is used as a future roadmap for your physician to treat the underlying cause of varicose veins, which is known as venous insufficiency.

Normally, veins in your legs carry blood upward towards your heart. With venous insufficiency, blood pools in your veins causing a wide variety of symptoms including varicose veins. Unlike CT scans or MRIs, ultrasounds are very operator dependent. If you want to know when you shouldn’t trust your ultrasound results read on!


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Avoid a Vein-tastrophy with 5 Simple Questions

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Mar 7, 2016 12:54:53 PM

If you want the best results with the least pain and potentially save yourself money, then keep reading.  Below are 5 questions you must ask!



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Super Tuesday, Dogs, and Varicose Veins?

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Mar 1, 2016 4:34:15 PM

Did you think I was going to make the comparison of politicians and dogs? Did you think I was going to opine on whether Trump and Hillary would dominate the day? Maybe you thought I was going to discuss people who are feeling the “Bern” because their legs ache from varicose veins?


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Cold Feet, Warm Heart… or Heart Attack? 4 things you must know!

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Feb 15, 2016 11:37:33 AM
  1. Sudden onset of a cold extremity is an emergency.

Many years ago during my residency training, I met a nice couple. He was a dentist and she took care of the family. She complained of a cold foot, which became blue and eventually numb. Unfortunately, her husband thought it wasn’t anything for concern, until it was too late. By the time he finally took her to the hospital, her leg required amputation to save her life. I will never forget the look on his face when he realized he waited too long to take his beloved wife for medical care. I’m sure he carried the heavy load of guilt for many years…


If your toe or foot suddenly gets cold, especially if it changes color, you need to think about the possibility of an arterial blood clot.  This blocks blood flow, which deprives muscle and other tissues of oxygen and nutrients, and if left untreated can result in amputation or death.  The longer you wait, the greater the danger.


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Why Deep Vein Thrombosis is a Serious Threat

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Feb 4, 2016 11:51:21 AM

DVT: A Disease That Kills More People Than Motor Vehicle Accidents, Breast Cancer and AIDS Combined


While many people experience problems with varicose or spider veins, there are more serious venous conditions that require urgent treatment.

Blood clot, also known as venous thrombosis, represents a great threat. Since thrombus most frequently develops in the deep veins of the legs, it is referred to as deep venous thrombosis (DVT). Veins return blood to the heart and therefore, these clots can break loose and eventually go to the heart and lungs which is termed pulmonary embolism (PE).

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It’s Crazy…Glue for Varicose Veins?

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Jan 29, 2016 10:23:05 AM

A new treatment for varicose veins involves closing unhealthy veins shut with glue.  The FDA recently approved the VenaSeal™ Closure System for treatment of venous insufficiency. The featuring of this device on The Dr. Oz show created quite a buzz!


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The Auto Show is Here!  Happiness, Cool Cars and Veins?

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Jan 22, 2016 9:59:14 AM

Every year an amazing event takes place in Motown. There are only days left to visit the North American International Auto Show which runs through January 24, 2016. Admittedly I haven’t attended the event for years. Luckily, my friend and fellow coach, Bob Caza is the communications director for this spectacular auto-fest. He invited my wife and I to “The Gallery” on Friday, January 9th, a kick off to the Auto Show, which includes fine food, exquisite art and the finest luxury automobiles. While eating delicious food and looking at incredible vehicles, I couldn’t help but think of how happiness ties into everything we do. More specifically, how passion for your work not only leads to greater pleasure, but also incredible success. A few examples follow…

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The Power of Honesty - Vein Therapy News Feature

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Mar 25, 2015 12:11:00 PM

Hard Sell, Soft Sell or Honest Sell?

Doing the right thing is always the right thing!   

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Dr. Miller's Restless Leg Syndrome Post Featured in Vein Therapy News

Posted by Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D. on Mar 25, 2015 10:14:00 AM

Restless leg syndrome and the vein specialist

Vein Therapy News Feature Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015

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