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Autumn Activities for Healthy Legs

Autumn Activities for Healthy Legs

Posted by Miller Vein Team on Oct 13, 2018 3:29:00 PM

As the weather continues to shift towards the winter cold, we begin to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for another blustery Michigan winter spent indoors. But while you still have the chance, get outside and enjoy the crisp breeze and golden sun peeking through the colorful Michigan foliage!

Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes

Did you know that agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry? There are plenty of seasonal activities that celebrate this fact and act as a unique way to get outdoors. Explore a local apple orchard and cider mill, such as Plymouth Apple Orchards & Cider Mill. Or, spend an afternoon in nearby Belleville at DeBuck’s picking pumpkins or finding your way through a corn maze. Seasonal outdoor, family-friendly activities such as this are a great way to engage in low-impact exercise, such as walking.

 Raking leaves

Ok, so it might not be your idea of fun. But why not use chores to help get your legs moving and blood pumping? Standing and the act of raking engages your leg and calf muscles while also getting your blood pumping through the veins.

 Treatment for Venous Insufficiency

As it turns out, Fall just might be the perfect time to start treatment for varicose and spider veins. While engaging in activities to maintain a healthy body is important, exercise will not reverse the effects of vein disease (venous insufficiency). Varicose and spider veins are progressive and may only get worse if left untreated. In fact, diseased veins are oftentimes more difficult to treat the longer they are ignored. Check out our post: 3 reasons why fall might be the right time for vein treatment.

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