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Insurance and Vein Treatment

Insurance and Vein Treatment

Posted by Miller Vein Team on Nov 25, 2019 3:27:01 PM




We’re often asked, “Is vein treatment covered under my health insurance?” The answer is often YES.


Health insurance is designed to help cover the cost of medical care and associated expenses. Some health insurance policies cover treatment for medical vein problems and diseases, such as venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and leg ulcers.


For medical services covered by your insurance, especially once your deductible is met for the year, you may only be personally responsible for your co-insurance amount. That’s another reason why the end of the year, before insurance plan deductibles reset, is a great time to complete vein treatment.


Choosing a vein specialist that accepts your insurance also impacts your coverage. Check our website to see if your insurance carrier is accepted by Miller Vein specialists. Keep in mind, if you’re in need of services not covered by insurance, there are financing options available. You may also be able to use a flexible spending account to help cover the cost of vein treatment.


We often warn people that some vein treatment providers will stretch out treatments over time simply to get more payments, whether it’s from insurance companies or out of your pocket. There is not any medical benefit to approaching vein treatment this way—it’s simply a way for providers to make more money per patient. We approach things differently. Our priority is increasing access to vein treatment by honoring our patients’ time and money. To do this, we combine your treatments into a single visit whenever possible and services are always provided at a cost that’s fair and transparent.


Ready for healthy legs? Let your insurance work for you in the way in which it was intended. Our patient care team will happily work with your insurance on your behalf to understand your unique coverage for vein care services at Miller Vein.


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