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Is your job putting you at a higher risk for vein problems?

Is your job putting you at a higher risk for vein problems?

Posted by Miller Vein Team on Aug 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM



There are many risk factors that may contribute to the development of vein conditions such as varicose and spider veins. Common risk factors include heredity, older age, pregnancy, and even gender. Believe it or not, your occupation may even put you at a higher risk for developing venous insufficiency. Allow us to explain…

The veins throughout our body are constantly pumping blood to and from our heart. That’s what keeps us alive and thriving! The veins in your legs have a hard job: it’s their job to pump blood back up to the heart…against the pull of gravity. When calf muscles contract, they help this process. So, when you have an occupation where your calf muscles are either almost always at rest, or constantly engaged, that leaves your veins susceptible to problems such as varicose veins. This is when blood pools in your legs veins because your body is unable to pump that blood back up to your heart.

Here are a few occupations that may put you at a greater risk for developing vein problems:

Office workers and commercial drivers

Prolonged periods of sitting can have many negative effects on your health. If your job requires you to sit at a desk or behind the wheel, and sometimes not get up to stretch or walk for hours at a time, you may be at increased risk for varicose veins.

Healthcare professionals

Even those of us with medical training aren’t exempt from developing medical problems! Because healthcare professionals have a tendency to work long hours, sometimes with little downtime to rest, they are on the go and/or on their feet for several hours at a time.

Teachers, cosmetologists, retail workers

Education professionals, hairdressers, retail store associates, and cashiers are often on their feet all day long. This puts a lot of strain on the leg veins as they constantly fight against gravity and constricted calf muscles to pump blood up to the heart.


Factory workers often come to us with complaints of pain and large, throbbing veins. Because of the demands of their job, factory workers are often on their feet, sometimes stationary, all day every day. That can be hard on your muscles and your vascular health.


If you think your job may be causing leg pain or vein problems, give us a call to schedule a free vein evaluation.

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