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Spring into Summer with VeinErase® Spider Vein Treatment

Spring into Summer with VeinErase® Spider Vein Treatment

Posted by Miller Vein Team on Apr 14, 2019 11:59:00 AM


As warm weather approaches, we are able to begin thinking about a change in lifestyle…and a change in wardrobe. With the spring and summer sun comes outdoor adventures (the beach!) and rising temperatures that have us grabbing for a pair of shorts. Emotionally, we’re ready for summer and all that comes with it. But what about physically?

We hear it all the time, “my spider veins are ugly…I’m embarrassed to show my legs!” The emotional discomfort of spider veins often makes it a topic that many people avoid speaking about or addressing with their doctor. Instead, they adjust their wardrobe—covering their legs year-round—and suffer in silence.

“I’ve had patients come to me who haven’t worn shorts in well over a decade because of their veins. And it breaks my heart, because these conditions are so easily treatable!” says Dr. Jeffrey Miller, Owner and CEO of Miller Vein. “It all starts with innovative, customized treatment and humble, honest service.”

Part of our mission as vein specialists is to put a stop to the unnecessary suffering. That’s why we developed VeinErase®.

At Miller Vein, we’ve developed and trademarked a unique spider vein treatment program called VeinErase® that we believe is the most cost-effective treatment option with the least amount of pain or discomfort.

About Miller Vein’s proven VeinErase® therapy for spider vein treatment

Spider veins are considered a cosmetic condition. Unfortunately, anyone with veins (that’s everyone!) is at risk of developing vein problems such as spider veins. Luckily, there are several ways to treat spider veins.

No matter where you go or the treatment you decide to get for your spider veins, here’s the fact: spider vein treatment is a gradual process and requires several sessions.

Because of this fact, we set out to create a treatment program that makes this process of spider vein treatment more comfortable and more convenient for our patients. Your time and money are valuable, and so is your comfort and satisfaction.

Miller Vein’s VeinErase® program is unique and effective. It provides spider vein patients with the:

  • Most effective FDA-approved injectable medication
  • Dedicated care of two trained specialists during every treatment session
  • Use of a unique combination of vibration and cryotherapy (ice cold air) to combat any discomfort during the treatment session
  • Reassurance and satisfaction of a money-back guarantee

Remember: all spider vein treatment takes time…so now is the time to start if you want to spring into summer.

To see if you are a candidate for our VeinErase® treatment program, simply schedule a free vein evaluation* today and take the first step towards beautiful, healthy-looking legs in time for the summer season.

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