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The gift of healthy legs: vein treatment during the winter months

The gift of healthy legs: vein treatment during the winter months

Posted by Miller Vein Team on Dec 4, 2018 10:30:20 AM



The winter and holiday season can be busy. There are family gatherings, shopping, baking, shoveling, holiday parties with friends, the kids are home from school…so many activities competing for your time that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. How on earth could you possibly find time for something like vein treatment? Hear us out…

When the buzz of the holiday season begins to lull, winter is actually a fantastic time for vein treatment.

Benefits of completing vein treatment in the winter months:

  • In some instances, compression stockings may be a part of your treatment. In the winter, these socks can help keep you warm and can be hidden beneath stylish pants and boots.


  • If you wait until you want to wear shorts again, you’ve waited too long. It can take time to get insurance approval and your subsequent treatment. Plan now to get ready for the warm weather!


  • Winter is the season of gratitude and giving. We celebrate with our family and friends, giving thoughtful gifts and spending time together. Why not extend that same joy to yourself? Self-care and self-improvement are important, especially when it comes to your health. Sure, we may not think to give ourselves a Christmas gift; it may seem selfish. But we can assure you: self-care is not selfish. You deserve the gift of healthy legs!


If you’re suffering from the relentless symptoms of vein disease, we hope you’ll consider treatment. Thanks to innovations in phlebology (the branch of medicine specializing in veins) and vein treatment, there is hope for fast and effective relief!

Call Miller Vein now and schedule a free vein evaluation* of your vein health in early 2019! Give yourself the gift of healthy legs, and be ready to step into Spring.




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