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Vein Vanity is a Natural Phenomenon

Vein Vanity is a Natural Phenomenon

Posted by Miller Vein Team on Jul 13, 2016 3:39:21 PM

The Past is Prologue

When you were born, you may have had those chubby little legs, or skinny little sticks that made it look - either way - like you’d never learn to walk.  But, boy did you ever show them!

Over the years, those legs may have slimmed down or beefed up, and they probably looked pretty darned good!  But today, they may have a lot of miles on them!  And, sometimes, the veins in your legs just don’t seem to cooperate with your self-image of smooth, attractive, sculpted and graceful legs.  So, your legs are now a problem.

Are you Very Close to Varicose?

Varicose veins are abnormally enlarged, swollen veins that are visible at the surface of the skin. They may appear dark purple or blue and look twisted, ropey anlegvanity.jpgd bulged. Ugh! Score: Varicose: 1 – Vanity: – 0

That’s not what you want, and not what you need! A fast, painless and very satisfying solution is much more preferable. 

What Causes Varicose Veins?

It’s pretty straight-forward. Your veins have valves in them that are supposed to act like gates. The gates are only supposed to swing in one direction as blood flows through them.  Varicose veins often develop when veins that are supposed to carry blood toward the heart weaken and leak blood in the wrong direction. So, when these valves become weak or damaged and don’t work properly, blood may flow backward. This is known as venous insufficiency or venous reflux. Kinda like when your garden gate starts swinging in the wrong direction and smacks you in the behind as you pass through it.  Ouch!

When these veins cannot handle the excess blood and the pressure transmitted from the refluxing veins, they twist and bulge and become varicose veins. That’s when those smooth and attractive legs start to get annoying, embarrassing and often painful!

What can happen if Varicose Veins are left Untreated?

This is not a good thing. If left untreated, chronic venous insufficiency may cause skin changes (known as stasis pigmentation or lipodermatosclerosis) around the ankles
and lower legs. This causes the skin to have a brown leathery appearance which denotes unhealthy skin (OMG! They don’t even say Louis Vuitton on them!),

When the condition goes untreated, the skin can develop open sores (ulcerations) and bleeding or bruising after a minor injury. Not at all what you want!

Fortunately, this is relatively rare. But, let’s not go there!

The Treatment is Almost a Treat!

A virtually painless, minimally invasive, in-office treatment for varicose veins (and spider veins) bears no resemblance to the pain and bruising of traditional vein stripping and old-fashioned saline injections. Modern varicose vein and spider vein treatments have you up and walking immediately, do not require hospital stays, or general anesthesia, or long recovery times. Most treatments are completed in less than 30 minutes! And, many insurance companies cover varicose vein treatment if the medical condition causes symptoms that limit activities of daily living. So, maybe you’ll be jogging soon?  It’s good for you in so many ways!

So, what’s next?

Each patient is different and treatment plans depend on a comprehensive consultation and exam with a vein specialist.

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